This exercise/drill is a SAMPLE of what you get access to with the New Wave Soccer Conditioning Program. Click on the blue video button to view the video for this exercise/drill.

Medicine Ball Half Rotation with Partner :::

Start Position: Stand back to back with a partner about 2-3 feet apart. Keep knees slightly bent and place feet about shoulder width apart. Place weight on the balls of the feet. One person holds a ball with elbows slightly bent.

Movement: Both individuals twist towards each other on the same side, and the person with the ball hands it off to the other person. Both individuals then twist to the other side, and the person now holding the ball hands it off back to the other person. When twisting, it is allowable to let the feet pivot to decrease the rotational stress on the knees. Complete the required number of repetitions in the same direction. Repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction.